From Seed to Sale

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Learn about what it takes to purchase CBD wholesale.

9 Steps to Success

From NDA to CBD

Following protocols protects both buyer and seller.
These steps ensure success on large CBD transactions.


Submit a LOI

A Letter of Intent clarifies the exact product you wish to purchase. If you never wrote an LOI, use our Request for Quote form and one of our sales reps will make one for you.


Sign an NDNCA

Become a member of ISOCANN. Signing aNon Disclosure & Non
Circumvent Agreement
is part of the process in establishing ethical business practices.

Receive a COA

We provide a copy of the latest Certificate of Analysis demonstrating the high quality product that will be made available to you. This includes both potency and purity analysis.

Submit Proof Of Funds

We verify that you have the funds available and unencumbered to make the purchase for the amount listed on the LOI. Proof of Funds can be provided as a verified Bank Letter or Escrow Agency Letter.


Submit Purchase Order

Purchase Order (“PO”) details the specifics of our arrangement. factors such as quantity, timeframe and origin will effect your final price. These terms will be used for a legally binding purchasing agreement for the transaction.

Proof Of Product

Get the confidence that you are working with a professional labratory. We will provide you a Proof of Product documentation containing images or video of the lab where your order is being produced.

Enter Escrow

Entering escrow commits your funds to the transaction, allowing us to process the order. We can recommend or a number of other trusted third party escrow services.

Test Your Product

Processing Takes 2-4 weeks. As soon as your batch is complete, you may have your order quarantined while take a sample for purity and potency testing at a recognized testing laboratory.

Complete Purchase

Once test results are complete, we can finalize the purchase process by arranging transport of your product to its final destination and transfering funds from escrow.

Start the Process with IsoCann

From seed to sale, we take you through every step to ensure you have a smooth and successful transaction.